Washington was an incredible undertaking. One I could not have done without the support of the client’s who chose to trust my vision.


I must say, God provided the most perfect eight days of weather. Again, without this piece of the puzzel, these sessions would not have been what they are.

I have grown accustomed to what I call it, “travel togging”. This is where I find numerous possible locations to shoot at hundreds, or thousands of miles away from my home studio using the internet and maps. Once I arrive at the destination, I travel to those locations to see if they are what I thought they would be. This means it has the lighting I want, the color scheme which works for the skin tones and provides a safe environment for myself and my clients.

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Washington was a new type of travel togging. I spent eight days, where I had seven sessions. These sessions ranged from indoor boudoir sessions to outdoor beach and mountainous family shoots. When I arrived I had just enough time each day to confirm the locations I had found online, so I knew my research had to be spot on.

Whenever I travel for sessions, some of the clients I have seen through my lens in another state or country. With each #traveltog trip, I always have a few who trust the referral of their friends and for that I am so thankful. I know how hard it can be to hire someone solely based on their reviews, even if it is from a friend.

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The support of those who hired me made these sessions more than anything I could ever dream up. They allowed me to work with them on styling and we had wonderful communication on the hopeful full look of their session, inclusive of which Washington backdrop they preferred.

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