A boudoir session is a French-inspired session where sexual and sensual overtones are captured tastefully along with romance and passion.


With  Lifesong Photography & Designs, the session may include one individual for a portrait-like session or a couple who wants their Lifesong captured with the essence of their bedroom in a non-pornographic manner. This luxury package is the perfect addition to your Lifesong together; whether it be a wedding night surprise, a military homecoming gift or just something to keep the spark within yourself or your relationship.

This type of session is something which tends to relieve stressors and momentarily break the individual(s) from any frustrations. It is a fun and flirty time where there are no rules and although it might sound odd, it is a time of complete comfort. I take pride in the fact that each of my clients have left the session stating how much fun they had or how pampered and relaxed they felt.

Now booking 2018 boudoir sessions throughout North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona and surrounding areas. Click HERE for more information!

You might have already booked your upcoming boudoir session and are now wondering, what to wear. The sky is the limit. Truly.

Some people like to go bold with color, while others like the natural feel. Some want to walk away feeling like a Goddess and others just want to leave feeling relaxed. All of these ideas are showcased above. The biggest point I can stress is to dress your figure. No two people are alike, which makes boudoir sessions so wonderful. With boudoir, EVERYONE has the ability to be sexy, so ask your photographer if you are unsure on the best way to showcase your sexy side.


When dressing for your session, my personal advice is to think in layers. The layer closest to your skin should be the sexiest. For example, I might suggest to have on something such as a sexy lingerie teddy or lace-trimmed bra with a matching panty. Over top of that I would go with something sheer or silky, such as a negligee top or a thin, silky tank top.You could even add a third layer of another sheer top, jewelry or Hawaiian lei’s. Adding too much will certainly take away from you, but it gives you and your photographer something to build off of. I always suggest to bring a few options and let your photographer guide you.

The other reason I suggest layers is because the first portion of each session, there is a time of getting to know your photographer and trusting them in their posing techniques. Some people fear the idea of being almost nude in front of someone else. This initial time of relaxing never takes as long as one might expect. As you get more comfortable, the layers can start to come off and without even realizing it, you have become a STUNNING model. Keep in mind, this is YOUR session. If you are ever uncomfortable, let your photographer know. In my opinion, you should NEVER leave regretting you booked a boudoir session.

Now keep in mind that what you wear on your body doesn’t stop with clothing. You need to be mindful that your shoe choice (if any at all), hair and makeup go well with the clothes, location and time of day you have chosen.

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I love to focus on the eyes of my clients. If you are wondering what I suggest as a bare minimum for makeup, it is as follows. Cover Girl is a great brand to go with. I find that it stays looking fresh and it is easy to apply.

Concealer — One shade lighter than your skin tone, applied under the eyes and dabbed on any problem areas.

Foundation — Powder foundation (best in my opinion), applied in a circular motion over your entire face, under your chin and faded down your neck.

Mascara —  Black lash lengthening mascara, applied twice with a few minutes in between applications for the coats to dry.

Blush — Depending on the shade of your skin and the shape of your face, you should add a touch of color to your cheeks.

*optional* Lips — A tinted chapstick to a slight gloss, applied lightly. Try to find either something which goes with your outfit or makes a statement, depending on the mood selected for your session.

*optional* Brow Liner — A shade lighter than your natural brow, applied lightly to your current brow shape. YouTube has some GREAT tutorials. Do not apply this if you are unsure.

Finally, pamper yourself the night before. Soak in the tub, shave and leave the house smelling good. The more relaxed you are arriving to the session, the more it will shine in the images. Get into the mood and find your zen!

If you find yourself worried , there is no need to fret. I am more than happy to offer advice or assist you when you are thinking of a color pallet for your family’s clothes or your makeup. Full styling (including clothing, accessories hair and makeup) can be provided for an additional fee.


Thank you for stopping by!



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