This family has changed my world, one session at a time. I first had the opportunity to meet them at their stunning maternity session. We enjoyed one of my favorite spots on island, the lava tube at Eternity Beach.

Then, I was asked to be the newborn photographer after Baby Gage was born. As second time parents, Brad & Shannon had complete comfort in knowing that I could handle the little man and everyone enjoyed themselves. We ended up getting some rain at our original location of Haleiwa Beach Park, so once we nabbed enough shots, we made a rain date. I was THRILLED they wanted to let me shoot a second time. It was at our second location later in the week we struck gold in the form of a Tonka truck.

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At the second newborn session, we enjoyed the morning light and the sound of waves to soothe this week babe to sleep. Fort Kamehameha Beach on Hickam was a great place to grab those final shots which the rain had stopped us from nabbing earlier in the week.

At 5 months, I had the honor once again to spend time with sweet baby Gage, big brother Jackson, Brad & Shannon. This family could not have made the morning more fun.

Gage’s 12 month’s session really was something new. It was simple and his smiles lit up my camera as much as it did me. We enjoyed a cake smash session at Lanikai Beach for sunrise.

Before leaving island this incredible family asked me to do their family session. I could not possibly be happier to have been a part of it. Their session was such an inspiration and it takes something unique to really feel that way.

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Mahalo to this  family for giving me the opportunity to be there for so many moments in the past year of their lives. I do not take sessions like these for granted and the support never goes unnoticed. I consider each session I am chosen for, a gift. Moreso, when I am asked to be a repeat photographer because I know there are many options out there. This bunch has shown me only the best of both worlds, friendship and business. Bless your family, Irwin’s.

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